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Meet Great Wall customer Mimi Courts, from far North Queensland.

Great Wall proves a great help to injured wildlife

Meet Great Wall customers John and Dianne Gorham, who use their new Steed Dual Cab for their invaluable volunteer work with FAWNA (For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid) helping wildlife needing assistance. FAWNA receives no formal funding to carry out its vital wildlife rescue, relocation and rehabilitation work and relies on membership subscriptions, its own fundraising activities and public donations. All activities are totally voluntary and no salaries are paid. Great Wall Motors Australia has pledged its support to help John and Dianne continue their incredible work and encourage all our friends to do the same.

If you would like to help John and Dianne with their wildlife assistance donations can be made to FAWNA.


When Sharon and I set off on our trip to the Cape in our Great Wall 2011 V200 with a camper trailer we were unsure of what lay ahead of us.

Our trip turned into the best adventure of our lives and it is in part thanks to the strength and comfort of the Great Wall.

For us our goal was simple, we wanted to reach the tip and thanks to the handling of this vehicle we were able to do so and experience some of the most beautiful scenery along the way from outback Australia to coastal views.

It wasn’t an easy trip by any means as there were some rough rides on the Development Road, red dirt, river crossings and we saw many a vehicle and trailer discarded that basically just couldn’t handle this terrain.

Eric F.

We started our building maintenance business with not a lot of money back in 2009 & 2011. We took our chance with the V240 single cab & a duel cab, both of these vehicles have performed extremely well. Regrettably, we’ve just recently sold the duel cab as our modern fleet had expanded, yet the V240’s has well outlasted our 2014 Ford Ranger in maintenance & repairs.

Our V240 single cab drove with the same factory tyres for 110,000Ks before requiring replacement. The Ford Rangers tyres needed replacement at 65,000Kms. The Ford Rangers suspension sagged in the back after 100,000 kms, whereas the V240 never required a suspension replacement or adjustment during its service life.  Our last remaining V240 single cab has on 200,000Kms and I can’t part with it. It has now become our spare vehicle and in 2018 will see it moved to the farm & overhauled to become the farms main services vehicle for a few more years to come. It is still as tough as nails. My only gripe to Great Wall is that if you made a space cab version our whole fleet would continue to be Great Wall utes. The V240’s reliability, fuel economy & low maintenance costs have been a major help in growing my business to where it is today.


Director of Project services, Australian Door Emergency Services

For fifty-five years I have owned cars but never a new vehicle. I had a HQV8 Holden for 38 Years. After studying the Great Walls, I really had to have one. I sold my HQ for $21,000 & raked up enough to buy Great Wall tray back.

In 5 years I have never had trouble with my Great Wall. Mind you I really look after all my vehicles over the years and this one is no exception. I would dearly love to buy the latest model Great Wall but that will never happen due to lack of finance, but I know the one I have will last me for a long time yet!

Kevin W.F.

I bought my Great Wall brand new in October 2011. From there I have made a few trips around North Queensland and have added a few essential items to my Truck. I love this vehicle as it has been very reliable and has gone wherever I have pointed the bonnet. Lots of big trips planned in the near future, with lots of good memories already.

Brett P.

Have had a V200 for a number of years, wanted to buy an affordable Turbo Diesel ute so bought a Great Wall. Have been pleasantly surprised with its reliability and capabilities!

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I initially fitted a larger exhaust and a DP Chip which helped a lot with power, and since then have been to a number of locations including Fraser Island, Remote QLD and Various National Parks and 4WD Parks.

It has actually never broken down, been stuck or caused me any issues to speak of. It’s been a great ute, especially considering the price. I now have my first child on the way and will be trading my single cab in on a new Steed. Happy customer!

Jamie C.

Got all sorts of feedback when I decided to buy it new from Heartland Great Wall at Penrith. A mechanic said sell before 80000.  Friends said they were untested and had heaps of problems. Internet forums said they were unreliable and beset by problems. The truth has been anything but.

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Solid, reliable, economical and great value. Two small issues that were sorted during the warranty period and proved to be minor. The 4 wheel drive functions well and has excellent low range capability. Top value and I recommend the model and the brand whenever I can.


Matthew H.

In 2014 I set off to travel Australia in my Great Wall which I purchased from the Gosford dealership. Never owned a diesel or a 4WD,  so I had no idea what to expect. First into the Cape, then across the Kimberly. Arrived back in NSW via the Nullabor 9 months and 36000km later with not as much as a flat tyre. I love my Great Wall.

Kevin W.

I use my Great Wall for pilot escort work and I’ve been from Brisbane to Melbourne, Perth to Darwin. The hardest trip had to be the Tanami track. Not only was it rough, but gave the standard suspension a good workout.

For me and for what I’ve done, I can’t fault it one bit.

Matthew D.

In 2011 I bought a brand new v200 4×2 diesel manual. It was the best ute I’ve ever owned.  I have done many long distance travels in it.  Mechanically wise it’s A1 and never let me down.  Fuel economy was unbelievable.

It made a great work ute and family car until it got written off in 2015 when I was hit up the backside.  I’m very keen to get my hands on a new Great Wall 4×4.

Cameron H.

Been a good vehicle. Great on the highway.

Darren D.

We have had a petrol v240 for 7 years and can not complain as it does what we want, We know top-end power is not as good as some but we only tow a boat or trailer, so it’s fine. To top it off, you can’t beat the price. We are even considering buying a new one.

Dawn B.


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