Roadside Assist

Nobody likes the idea of customers stranded by the side of the road, and we are no exception.

Your safety and hassle-free Great Wall Motors driving experience is of paramount importance to us at all times. That’s why Great Wall Motors offers you roadside assist cover for 3 years/100,000 kilometres on all new Great Wall Motors vehicles.  This nationwide service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Key services offered include*:

  • Changing of flat tyres.
  • Jump-start a flat battery or battery replacement.
  • Minor roadside repairs where it is safe and possible to do so at roadside.
  • Breakdown towing to the nearest Great Wall Motors approved dealer.
  • Urgent message relay to family, friends and colleagues.

BENEFITS AND ENTITLEMENTS Safety First – If your vehicle has broken down in a hazardous location, please tell us when you call, and ensure you aren’t exposed to danger from passing traffic. Emergency Roadside Assistance – At the site of the breakdown, Great Wall Roadside Assistance will rectify most common breakdown related problems, such as changing a flat tyre, jump-starting a flat battery, supplying emergency fuel and effecting minor roadside repairs which are safe to do at the breakdown scene.  In most cases you will be on your way in no time. If major parts or factory diagnostic equipment are required, your vehicle will be transported to the nearest Authorised Great Wall repairer. The cost of repairs (unless the repair is covered under warranty) and transportation costs beyond the Towing Distance Limit (stated below) will be the responsibility of the Customer. Technical Advice – We will provide telephone technical advice in relation to the vehicle operation, any safety warnings or lights that may appear or technical and mechanical information regarding the vehicle. Parts Replacement – If the vehicle is under warranty and the breakdown of the vehicle was caused by a part under warranty, we will arrange for the supply and fitment of emergency parts to effect mobilisation of a vehicle in the event that an Authorised Great Wall Repairer is not open or within close proximity of the breakdown. Flat or Faulty Batteries – Flat batteries can occur. If you find yourself immobilised with a battery problem, we will attend to your Vehicle, test the battery for performance, jump start the flat battery (if possible) and coordinate battery replacement if required.  Battery replacement will be at the customer’s cost unless covered by the battery warranty. Emergency Fuel – If you run out of fuel, we will arrange for either the delivery of an emergency supply of fuel where practical, where government regulations permit or transport the vehicle to the nearest refuelling station subject to the applicable Towing Distance Limit. The Customer will be responsible for the cost of fuel supplied. Key Replacement, Locksmith Service or Courier Service – Where the key has been lost or stolen, or has been locked inside the Vehicle, we will either arrange for the Consumer’s spare key to be delivered to the Customer or arrange for a locksmith to attend. In the event that you insist the Vehicle be broken into to recover keys locked inside the vehicle, we will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to the vehicle as a result. This service may not be available in all cases. The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred in the provision of this service. Towing – In the event the Vehicle cannot be mobilised or is not safe to drive due to a fault which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will transport the vehicle to the nearest Authorised Great Wall Repairer. We will cover the towing costs up to $150 (‘Towing Limit’) and the customer will be responsible for any additional towing cost. Case Follow Up – In cases where the vehicle has been transported to an Authorised Great Wall Repairer after a Breakdown, we will proactively follow up every case to ensure that the vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible. Urgent Message Relay – In the event of a Breakdown or accident we can connect you through to family members, friends or business associates so as to notify them of any possible delays.  Alternatively, you may request us to notify these people on your behalf. Accident Coordination & Towing – Where the customer’s vehicle has been involved in an Accident, we will arrange to transport the vehicle to either an Authorised Great Wall Repairer or a repairer of the Customer’s preference. We will also advise the customer of the appropriate information to obtain from other parties involved in the accident such as third party’s name, address, contact numbers, vehicle registrations, insurance details and any witness details. The Customer will be responsible for all costs incurred in the provision of this service. Emergency Taxi Transport – Where we have been contacted to arrange breakdown assistance, and the vehicle requires transport, we will arrange a taxi trip if required by the customer. The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred in the provision of this service. Geographical Scope of Service – The services provided under this Agreement shall be available on an Australia-wide basis, excluding off-shore territories such as Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island. REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE When you phone the contact centre, please have ready:

  • Your name,
  • The registration and the serial number (Vehicle Identification Number or ‘VIN’) of the Vehicle,
  • The  breakdown location of the vehicle,
  • The telephone number on which we can reach you or your representative,
  • A brief description of the emergency and of the nature of the help required.

Please  wait by the vehicle after contacting.  We cannot provide roadside assistance services at the site of the vehicle breakdown if you are not in attendance. EXCLUSIONS and LIMITATIONS We will not be held responsible for and are not required to provide any Services where any of the following apply:

  • The vehicle is unattended.
  • The vehicle has been modified for racing, trials, or rallying or any Accident or any claim for Service has arisen in respect of such races, trails, rallies or participation in such activities.
  • The vehicle is carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than that for which it was designed as stated in the manufacturers specifications or arising from or in connection with the improper, unauthorised, reckless or negligent operation of the vehicle or misuse of the vehicle.
  • Accident damage – any damage arising from or caused by an impact or collision or Accidental Damage of any nature, any attempted or successful theft or break-in of the Vehicle (but excluding the provision of and cost of providing any Accident-related services which Great Wall Roadside Assistance agrees to arrange or provide).
  • Any circumstance reasonably considered to be beyond our control (including but not limited to poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, cyclonic conditions, snow fall and flooding, as well as war, strikes, civil commotion, unexpected traffic conditions and telecommunication failures).
  • Restricted access area requirements.
  • Repeated service calls due to customer related faults.
  • Provision of services outside Australia.
  • Any person drives the Vehicle who does not hold a valid driver’s licence issued by a competent authority.
  • Mechanical breakdown due to driver related damage or misuse of the vehicle. In such cases, assistance will still be provided subject to the customer accepting responsibility for all costs.
  • The vehicle has not been regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or has travelled in excess of 2,000kms from the required service interval.
  • Any damage to or theft of objects and accessories which are left in or outside the vehicle.
  • The cost of any breakdowns resulting from unauthorised repairs or from faulty workmanship.
  • The cost of any breakdowns resulting from vehicle modifications.
  • The cost of any breakdowns caused by the fitting of accessories to the vehicle which are not genuine or are not from the original manufacturer or which are not approved by the manufacturer.
  • The vehicle is unregistered.
  • The vehicle is not located on a Gazetted public road.
  • Bogged vehicles, except where access is available and is trafficable by a two-wheel drive recovery vehicle and no other specialist equipment is necessary. Should specialist equipment and/or towing become necessary the Customer will be responsible for all costs. Drivers will be advised of this condition before the service is provided and provision of this service is at our discretion.
  • The vehicle is immobile in a workshop undergoing repairs, or undergoing mechanical or electrical repairs at the customer’s premises.
  • We will not be responsible for trailers or caravans being towed by the vehicle.
  • We will not be responsible or liable for any additional or increased costs and expenses incurred as a result of the Vehicle being in a remote location.
Great Wall Motors Roadside Assist

Access Roadside Assistance

Great Wall Roadside Assistance services are delivered by Digicall Australia, a leading provider of roadside assistance services to car manufacturer’s in Australia.


To get you on your way again as quickly as possible please have the following information at hand when making a call:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your name and location
  • If possible a contact number; and
  • A brief description of the problem

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*Great Wall Motors Australia reserves the right to change the information including, but not limited to the models, prices, colors, materials, equipment or other specifications referred to on this site at any time without prior notice. Always consult your Great Wall Motors dealer for latest specifications, availability and pricing. Images for illustration purposes only - single cab tray and dual cab sports bar may vary. All prices are driveaway. Metallic paint + $495. E&OE.


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